Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It Feels Like Christmas with how cold it is here!

Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Miramont Castle
This last week marked the end of my training!  I've been out for two transfers and no longer have to study for 3 hours every morning.  It's only 2 hours now.  I love my study time in the morning, don't get me wrong, but now we have more time to teach.  As I mentioned last week, we had another baptism.  She was so excited to get baptized and invited her entire family, which was a lot of non members who had lots of questions!  The service was great!  It's quite a process to fill a font!  It takes two hours and you can't leave while it's running.  Luckily the building we were in had a ping pong table which took up a lot of that time! 

This week, we got to go on exchanges again!  This time I was with Elder Esumei.  I went to their area and the best thing was they have a car!  I was stoked that I wouldn't have to bike all day!  It was going to be a really full day with lots of appointments and fun!  To our dismay, every single appointment we had, except for one, cancelled; including dinner.  The one appointment we did visit was with a woman who lives in what appears to be a small hospital that caters to those who are bed ridden.  She was so delighted to see us, and particularly me!  She asked where I was from and I told her California.  She lit up and said "I should have known.  You look like a ray of California sunshine!"  She was so sweet and we played some General Conference talks for her on her laptop because she couldn't watch it otherwise.  She made sure to tell Elder Esumei to bring me back next time he visits.

Turkey Cookies
One of the highlights for me this week was our dinner appointment on Saturday evening.  We had dinner with the Bakers.  They're a family in the ward that helped us teach lessons to the young girl we baptized two weeks ago.  They had invited the girl and her family to have dinner with us.  Between us and the two families we had so much fun together playing games, eating tons of pizza, and just enjoying each others company.  The kids made us little turkey cookies and we were teaching them how to throw a Frisbee.  We're teaching them the New Member lessons and helping their mom get a temple recommend so she can do ordinances for her family.

So our next baptism is set for the beginning of November and he's been a great missionary so far.  He's invited so many of his friends to church and actually discovered one of his friends is a recent convert who went less-active.  He set him straight and now he's planning on attending regularly again.  It's cool to see the Spirit of Christ at work with those you teach.  

Saturday night was when we would find out about the upcoming transfer.  I was so relieved that our Zone Leaders won’t be transferred and Elder Haskell and I will spend Thanksgiving together in the Academy Ward.  We were both so happy!  It was a great way to finish off the week!

5 things that made me smile:

Our District
1. I was the only one in my district to get the transfer predictions right!  Everyone I said was leaving got a call.  I'm going to miss them but our new district is going to have some pretty cool people.

2. We meet with one of our less active members each week to fellowship him and usually nothing comes out of it other than lunch and some games, but this last week he had so much fun with us he's starting to take interest in coming to church again.  It would be quite the feat if he started to come back again!

3. The investigator we baptized this weekend has two daughters 7 and 5.  They love it when we come by and like to tease us.  They always tell me that I have a mustache, and Elder Haskell has a beard.  They think it's so funny.

4. Our zone leaders were complaining that they have a mouse in their apartment.  So they bought a few rat traps and in 6 hours caught 7 rats.  They still hear them in their kitchen so apparently there are more.  They have them on video.

5. During dinner this week, we had cantaloupe wrapped in thinly sliced raw ham.  I always thought it was bad to eat raw meat!  
Raw Ham Face

I love you all so much!  I hope you're all enjoying yourselves and are preparing for the Holiday Season!  It feels like Christmas here already with how cold it's been.  You're all in my prayers!

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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