Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Good Week!


Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

So this week may not have been as exciting as the last week, but it was a good week none the less.  So some bad news the baptism this week had to be rescheduled until the first week of November.  He's still excited about going through with it; we just have to wait a little longer.  This week was Elder Haskell's birthday!  It's funny that my trainer is a year and a week younger than me!  We have such an awesome ward, they really care about Elder Haskell and I and make us feel loved and welcome.  We celebrated his birthday with the same family who threw me a party.  They made this incredibly awesome looking cake!  It was so rich!  It was made out of Peanut butter & Chocolate with a chocolate ganache.  She's an expert cake maker and wins the Public Library cake baking competition every year.  They treated us too well!  I'll send you a picture of the cake!  This weekend we got to watch General Conference and I thought how I was watching and listening to the same Prophets and Apostles you all were.  It made me feel close to home and that I'm really not that far away.  We watched the Saturday afternoon session at the church building and there were 2 people there, so it was pretty quiet.  It was a weird weekend because we weren't out teaching people all day.  We felt really lazy staying inside and watching Conference.  I loved all the sessions!  My goal now is to print out a few each week and analyze them so I really pull from them and can share messages from our modern prophet when we teach.  
Elder Haskell

So this week the missionaries in our Mission got to watch "Meet the Mormons" before it comes out in theaters.  It was a really cool movie!  They want us to be able to use the movie as a teaching tool and know what it's about.  It was really funny and inspiring, and would be a movie I think anyone would be comfortable watching.  I challenge you all to go and see it while it's in theaters, and try and invite your friends or family to watch it.  The more people watch it the opening weekend, the more theaters it will be put in and the longer it will run in theaters (which means more people will get to see it).  Proceeds go to charity if that helps convince the more difficult friends).  We have a baptism scheduled this weekend!  That one should go through just fine, and we will finish off the transfer strong!  This week is the last one in the transfer (only 5 weeks) and after this it's up for grabs whether I move to a different area or not.  Hopefully I will stay longer, I love it here.  But if the Lord wills me to go somewhere else, I just hope that area has a car!  If only I could predict the future!  Keep me in your prayers, and I'll do the same!  I love you all so much!  I always look forward to hearing from you guys!  Have an awesome and incredible week!  Don't forget to invite people!

5 things that made me smile:

1. Mustache deer: We were walking and saw this deer.  His eyebrow looks like a mustache, the other deer must be teasing him constantly.  

Mustache Deer

2. Meet the Mormons: It was a funny and inspiring movie.  Especially at the beginning where they take clips from movies or TV shows poking fun at the church, but using it to clear up misunderstandings.  It was really cool.

3. Elder Haskell's birthday: we had an awesome party with cake and presents and he got about as much candy as I did from his family.  We're swimming in candy now!

4. Our investigator that got baptized on Saturday invited us to her daughters 7th birthday party and it was a lot of fun!  Tons of pizza, a bounce house, and sharing the gospel! (Not necessarily in that order)

Our Latest Baptism
5. After I finished emailing last week, we walked across the parking lot to McDonald's. They are doing a promotion here that on Mondays Big Mac's are $1 to support the Broncos.  I don't really care for the broncos, but cheap food is more than enough for me!  On our way there we were stopped by a young man who had lots of questions for us and needed our help.  There wasn't a lot we could do but he was grateful for our assistance.  As we made our way to McDonald's a truck stopped by and recognized us as missionaries.  He was a member from a different ward and gave us money to buy our Big Mac's.  If we hadn't stopped and helped that young man, we wouldn't have been temporally blessed with even cheaper lunch! Hahaha

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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