Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week #13 Another Great Week

Manitou Springs

Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission!

It's been such a good week! We had a great time in Manitou Springs, Colorado. It's the first town in Colorado to have recreational marijuana legal hahaha. It feels a lot like downtown Chico, but with
more hippies. Our district drove there and took lots of pictures of the town, the fountains of naturally carbonated spring water, and at graffiti falls. It was a blast! We will definitely be making a trip over there again! So this week we tried to get service projects set up again. Last week that didn't work out so well because no one called us to let us know if they needed anything. This week however was different! We were flooded with calls on providing service and booked our day completely full and we had to schedule some projects for later in the week in order to accommodate everyone. It was awesome! We got to stain a fence, lay brick pavers, rake pine needles, do yard work, and we have more planned this week. It's great to have a full schedule! We were able to meet with a less active member that we have been trying to contact for quite some time now. She's never answered her door before, but she was very friendly and invited us back
for lunch that next day! As a missionary, it's so exciting to get to meet new people, especially ones who are receptive to learning! Hopefully we will be able to teach her even more and fellowship her back into activity. This last Sunday was the primary program and it was awesome! There's always that one kid who sings at the top of his lungs! They did a great job and both of the families we taught that led to baptisms, their kids participated. We also had a lot of part-member families attend to see their kids and got to visit with a lot of them which was great! Despite having sister missionaries in our ward, we still get a pretty full meal calendar. Last week we had some rib-eyes which I greatly appreciated! The work is going great here and we are getting huge support from the members of the ward. Those things combined really makes our role as missionaries a whole lot more fun and rewarding. I know that the Lord gives us opportunities to learn and grow so we can help others do the same. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the holidays! I know I will be! I love and miss you all so much!

5 things that made me smile:

1. That naturally carbonated water in Manitou is really gross! It has
a lot of iron in it. We all tried it though so we could say we did it.
The faces we made when we tasted it were priceless!

2. I got my Halloween package from you guys this week and all of the
random fun things inside! Elder Haskell and I had just been talking
about how we wanted one of those mini basketball hoop games and you
had one all ready for us!

3. For district meeting on Friday we made banana pancakes and ate red
velvet cupcakes.

4. We had dinner at a members house on Saturday (Which the wife and
her family are from Paradise, CA!) and their 4 year old said, "Our ward
has the best missionaries in the whole world!" I love the kids in our

5. Once a month we get to go into primary and teach a principle about
families. It's always fun to ask them questions and get their
responses. When I asked them for ideas on what we can do to grow
closer together as a family, one of them responded with "By picking up
litter together!"

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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