Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Saturday, February 21, 2015

I love the YSA Wards! Week #28

Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

This week started off slow but got progressively better.  We got a referral from a member in the ward but have not been able to contact him at all this week, he's never been home and we don't know his schedule but I'm sure we will find him eventually!  One of the cadets got their mission call this week!  They're headed to Berlin, Germany which is so cool!  He's really excited because he really wanted to serve in Germany.  He will leave during the summer break.  Also, the young man we just baptized is being deployed to Kuwait.  He keeps telling us how grateful he is that we were able to share the gospel with him before he left.  It's helped him feel so much peace before going into this deployment.  We pray and hope that everything goes well for him!

Fort Carson Memorial
This week was a lot of fun!  I had my interview with my Mission President and it was a very enlightening experience.  He's really proud of the progress I've made as a missionary and is glad that I'm really enjoying my new area!  This week is the end of the transfer so there might be some changes to our district which is exciting.  The mission president hinted that my companion might be leaving.  I'm kind of nervous about taking the lead on the area so soon since I've only been here a few weeks.  We will find out what happens on Saturday, but I hope I don't have to leave!  I love the YSA wards!  We're teaching someone on Fort Carson tonight which is also exciting, hopefully that goes well too! 

***Note from the Editor***: They, he and his companion, were required to leave their driver’s licenses at the security gate upon entering Fort Carson.  They forgot to pick their licenses up on the way out.  Since they did not remember they had left them there, Fort Carson mailed their driver’s licenses back to their home addresses.  So dad got a call from the mission office advising to send it back as soon as possible.  That is all we need is to get stopped and cited for no drivers license in possession!
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Valentines Day was very boring.  We didn't have a dinner that night, because the singles were trying to go on dates!  We didn't get to do a whole lot that evening with everyone preoccupied.  But this weekend we have a Specialized Training course for missionaries in our Zone.  I bet it's going to be really great!  It's always fun having a bunch of missionaries together!

Last week the weather here was amazing!  It hit the 70 degree mark more than once!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  But this week, it's cold and been snowing a lot.  I really wish it would start to get warm soon, and stay that way!  We've been pretty busy!  We have a few people we're teaching and lots of people to share the Gospel with!  I know we'll find success if we continue to serve diligently!  During our District Meeting this week, I shared a scripture that has meant a lot to me over the past few weeks.  D&C 59:23, which I interpret as if we're doing all we can, we will be just fine.

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Tour of Honor
I love you all so much!  Know that I miss you and love hearing from you!  Time is just flying by, I've been out 7 months since yesterday!  That's crazy!  Take Care!  I will talk to you all soon!

Things that made me smile:

1. My companion Elder Low doesn't dance like a white guy, he's actually pretty good!

2. My companion is extremely twitter pated with a girl at BYU-Idaho, I never hear the end of it.

3. I can't tell you how many times people have stopped me in Walmart to ask me questions about groceries just because I have a name tag.

4. I met a sister missionary (Sister Bates) yesterday who was born in Paradise, California!  She says she's cousins with the Crabtree's.  Small world!

5. My trainer just got transferred back to the Colorado Springs on Sunday!  So I should be able to see him soon which is awesome!

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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