Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daylight Savings Time, Oops Late For Church - Week #32

Hello from the Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission

Gotta love Daylight Savings Time!

Hey everyone!  So I got some not so good news this week, my Drivers License is pretty much permanently lost on a Military Base.  Unless one of their workers finds it and turns it in there's nothing I can do.  So, hopefully I won't need to drive anytime soon!  I did get some good news this week.  An Apostle is going to be visiting our Mission.  They haven't announced who it will be but they'll be coming in May.  I'm so excited; I was really hoping an opportunity like that would happen while I was here.  My companion, Elder Guerrette, is convinced he's coming to tell us about when we will get our iPad's.  For his sake, I hope he's right.

So our ward has a lack of investigators, which means that most of our time is being spent finding people to teach.  We really rely on referrals from members in our ward because tracting for a Young Single Adult ward isn't all that practical.  "Hello!  We're the Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, are there any members of your family between the ages of 18-30 who are interested in hearing our message?"  Don't worry; we probably wouldn't say something like that.  We're here to teach everyone, we just like to joke about it.

Do We Really Get More Daylight?
So Daylight's Savings got the best of us yesterday.  We got up, got ready for church, and were studying expecting to leave around 9:15 for Ward Council, only to discover it was actually 10:15 and we were an hour late.  Our Bishopric thought it was funny and figured that's what had happened to us.  I wish we had known about it beforehand.

I forgot to share this story last week but I thought it was pretty sweet.  During our fast and testimony meeting last Sunday the Bishopric had asked my companion, Elder Guerrette, to share his testimony and introduce himself to the ward.  When he got up to speak, he started off by saying "I'm going to bear two testimonies today".  He shared his first testimony as a missionary.  After he finished, he pulled his name tag off and started his second testimony with, "Hi, my name is Josh, and I come from a broken family, but my Father in Heaven and Savior Jesus Christ will always be there for me."  It was really sweet and everyone came up to us to introduce themselves and compliment him on his words.  Sometimes, especially in the ward we're serving in, people can forget that Missionaries are real people with real trials and real testimonies.  If we work together, we can invite others to receive that Eternal joy of an Eternal family.

As I said before, we don't have many people we're working with so this week has been pretty slow.  But we've got a couple plans for this week to help keep us busy and working hard.  Whoever they are, if they're ready to learn and they live in the Colorado Springs area (between the ages of 18-30 of course) we will find them!

I'm glad to hear you're all doing well!  It's always great to hear from you so keep writing!  I have to keep things short today since we're headed out soon so I will have to send pictures later this week (they take a really long time).  I love you all so much and thank you for your prayers!  They're definitely helping, and I can notice a difference!

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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