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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Air Force Academy Chapel Looks Like Something from Star Wars - Week #34

Me in front of the Chapel

Hey Everybody.  Things are going great here in Colorado Springs.  The snow has almost all melted off the ground so I'm really excited about that.  One thing that I'm not so excited about is the fact that this week is Spring Break for all of the Air Force Cadets.  That means that there is a lot less people in town this week.  With our Ward consisting mainly of college students, it's a pretty detrimental blow to the work for the week.  Anticipating a rough week, we scheduled as many lessons we could with members in the ward (Active and Less Active) and we have a full week of lessons planned.  We're hopefully going to quadruple the amount of lessons we normally teach this week.  I'd say that's the best way to spend a Spring Break!

Statue of General Henry Arnold
I've been reading the Doctrine and Covenants this week and a recurring theme is present in a lot of the early sections of the book.  The field is white and ready to harvest, and He's asking us to thrust in our sickle.  Over and over this is repeated.  I know how important the work of bringing others to Christ is and I'm grateful for the opportunity to focus wholly on this cause.

This week we had dinner with a high councilman and his family.  It's weird having dinner with little kids again!  They had a friend over and you'll never guess where she's from?  Chico, CA.  She graduated from Pleasant Valley High School and her dad was the Bishop in 3rd ward for a long time (Bishop Montgomery).  She also said she was roommates with Sister Bowles in college.  Small world!  I thought that was pretty cool.

I got to teach several cadets at the Air Force Academy this week which was great and I got lots of pictures there.  The Chapel they have at the Academy was built in the 60's but I swear it's straight out of a Star Wars movie.  It's great to work with so many wonderful people.
Elder Reimer

I've got to go.  We've got a lot of things to get done today before our Zone Conference tomorrow.  Clean our car, get haircuts, etc.  Hopefully we will have some free time in between to do something cool.  Have a great week everyone.  I love you all so much and can't wait to hear from you again. 

5 Things That Made Me Smile:

1. Often, my companion and I will start saying something, singing something at the exact same time.  It's funny how in sync we are!

2. This week was Elder Reimer's birthday.  I got to spend the day with him since we were on exchanges together.  It's fun being with one of my MTC buddies.

3. The singles ward had a Dr. Seuss themed activity this week, Green Eggs and Ham.  Green food is not that appetizing.

4. I got food poisoning this week from some Chinese Food and missed District meeting because of it.  Elder Guerrette put the Sister Missionaries in charge of conducting, and I guess it was the shortest District meeting they'd ever had.

5. We got to do service this week for a woman who has a mild form of autism and she was so sweet! It felt so good to help her!
Recreation Facility

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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