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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Week #35 Spring Break In a YSA Ward Makes for a Tough Week

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Boy did we have an interesting week this week.  The week started off with a Zone Conference which took a really long time (8 hours).  They're not normally that long but pretty close to that.  We had a lot of discussions about getting referrals from members which is something my companion and I are really trying to work on.  We're hoping that we can get more involvement with the members in our ward for finding people to teach.  This week was Spring Break for all of the Air Force Cadets and for the College students.  The two other sets of missionaries in the YSA were really struggling to find people to teach this week since everyone was gone.  But we pulled through this week!  We had lots of lessons this week with active members and we were inspiring them to do their own missionary work and I think it's going to go over really well.  We were busy all week and I'm really grateful for that.  A slow week on a mission is a nightmare.  On Friday we got a text from our Zone Leaders telling us that we were going to go on exchanges with them that evening.  I may have already mentioned this before in an earlier email but I'm not a fan of exchanges.  To me it just makes everything really awkward because I don't know the people in the other ward and I'm only going to be there for a day.  So I went into their area Friday night and we spent Saturday helping 3 family’s move into their ward one move right after another.  I thought my fingers were going to fall off!  But we wanted to make sure the new members knew who the missionaries were. That took up most of our morning but the real treat was being able to go to a baptism.  An investigator the Sister Missionaries in the YSA have been working with was baptized and those are always a special occasion.  We spent the rest of the evening teaching active members in their ward.  The family we had dinner with that night were excited to hear that I was from California.  They really miss it there.  I miss that California Sunshine too!

I was so glad to be reunited with my companion again Saturday night.  We found out that night that Elder Reimer (Missionary in my district that was in the MTC with me) is going to be training a new missionary next transfer.  We're really excited for him and that's going to be a lot of fun!  One of the Sister Missionaries in our District had to go home for medical reasons so they brought in Sister Barker.  She was actually in the MTC with me too (I just never saw her there). So we have 3 missionaries in our district who have been out for a little over 8 months.  That's pretty cool!

Well, transfers are this week so I'm nervous that something might happen and either my companion or I will get transferred.  Neither of us wants that to happen.  We're finally getting things going in our ward; we don't want it to end yet! But next week I'll be able to let you know what happens.

I love you all so much!  It's always great to hear from you.  Have a wonderful week and I will talk to you all soon!

5 Things that Made Me Smile:

Image result for lds denver temple
Denver Temple
1. This week, my companion get's to go to the Denver Temple since he's hitting his year mark on the mission.  I get to go on exchanges with my previous companion Elder Low.  Long time no see. 

2. A less active member invited us over for pizza the other night but had tricked us and got us New York steaks instead... I wasn't complaining on the change in plans!

3. It's great to see many members in our ward trying to find opportunities to have missionary experiences.  A lot of them seemed like they would be really dedicated to helping us out.

4. We had a fluke snow day this week where it snowed 2 inches, but it was gone by the next morning, glad to know Mother Nature is on my side!

5. I have a new nickname in the YSA, instead of people calling me G-dub, they call me Johnny Bravo now.  I prefer Elder Gillingwater though!

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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