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Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Donut Burger? - Week #42

Yes, He Ate A Donut Burger!
I had a great week this week!  We had a baptism on Sunday that went so well.  We had the service right before church and she even bore her testimony afterwards.  One of the Senior Couples took pictures for us and I haven't received those yet but once I do I will send them to you.  This week we got to have our zone conference which was fantastic.  We spent the day talking about how to build our faith.  The focus was on how Sunday shouldn't be a day of do's and don'ts.  Everything we do should be focused on strengthening our relationship with the Savior.  I'm glad that they put the focus on that.

I want to share something from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that he told us about his mission (Paraphrased).  No one in his family had gone on missions.  He didn't know anyone that had gone on a mission and had no idea what it was supposed to be like.  He walked off the plane to shake hands with his Mission President wearing an olive green corduroy suit with a burgundy vest, and then he depicted his Mission President face palming and thinking "Boy, this kid needs work".  But Elder Holland realized that those 2 years of his mission were two years that he'd never get back and he said he'll wrestle anyone to the ground who thinks that their mission was better than his.  He wants each and every one of us to work hard at converting others.  We won't get this chance again.
Elder Parker and Elder Gillingwater

This week Elder Parker and I have been working on trying to find a new investigator but it's getting difficult with the school semester ending and all the Cadets leaving.  Hopefully some of the member's sticking around for the summer will be able to help.  Another member in our ward has turned in his mission papers and we're really excited for him.  He's a recent convert of about a year and is really excited to go.  We hope to hear soon where he's going.

This last P-Day we went hiking in the mountains as a District with our Zone Leaders and the Assistants to the President.  It was a lot of fun.  It was a pretty straight forward hike but our group split up to explore different trails.  My group made it out fine but the other group got lost.  We made it back to the cars at 2:30 pm and they didn't make it back until 6:30.  We were nervous because they didn't have any cell reception but they made it back fine.  One of our Zone Leaders from the other group lost his shoe in a river and had to hike without a shoe for 3 hours.  It sounds like their experience was a lot crazier than ours, but I got some good pictures from the hike that I'll send out.

This week I got to try something really unique. A donut burger! It was really good.  I took a picture and it still looks yummy.

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

Our P-Day Hike

Beautiful Colorado Springs!

My Zone Picture

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