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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Neither Hail, Thunder, Snow, or "Pigeons" can Stop the Lord's Work - Week #40

Freak Hailstorm!
We had a great week this week!  This week started off with us going to the Field house, an indoor sports pavilion that houses indoor soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and a gym.  This was our P-Day activity and it was a lot of fun.  We went to Texas Road House for dinner afterwards which is one of my favorite restaurants.  It was a great kick-off to a great week.
On Tuesday we had a lesson with one of our investigators and we were going to commit her to a baptismal date.  We had several Cadets with us because they all wanted to help us teach.  It's always nice having more people at lessons than just missionaries.  As we extended the invitation and date for baptism, she broke down and started crying (good crying).  She said she just felt so good right then and knew that this was the right thing for her to do.  We're so excited to hear that she's going to be baptized next week.  Sadly, the Air Force Academy has changed their force protection condition status to FPCON BRAVO, which means no one can get onto base without a valid military I.D. or escort.  We had to move our next appointment off base.
A lot of hail!

This week we also had an appointment with our other investigator who we also extended a baptismal date to.  She had been concerned before with her previous Baptist church because they never explained why they needed to be baptized, but simply that it was the right thing to do.  After we taught our lesson and focused on the importance of baptism, she was really excited because we were explaining its necessity.  She gladly accepted a baptismal date for mid-June.  We've finally got things moving in our ward!

It's been the worst weather this week!  In one afternoon we had a hailstorm, thunderstorm, and snowstorm; and it's been like that all weekend.  The hailstorm was so bad on Thursday that there were inches of hail on the ground.  People were getting stuck in it and having to get towed, all because of hail.  I've never seen anything like it before. Even we got stuck but we were able to get ourselves out of it.  None of my pictures really give it justice but I'll send what I have.

I also have a funny story because of the hailstorm.  As I walked out of my apartment I saw a pigeon sitting on the railing right next to our door.  It wasn't startled by me at all so I tried to shoo it away.  It flapped its wings and took off but it didn't want to fly in the hail so it turned around and I picture it in my mind saying "It's either you or me!" and it just started squawking and flapping its wings at me and attacked me.  I'm swatting at it and trying to make it leave but it wasn't going to give up.  It eventually flew past me and landed on the floor of the landing outside our apartment.  I went downstairs to tell the other elders what had happened and they thought it was so funny and were sad they missed it.  As we stepped back outside, I saw the pigeon standing on the steps in front of their door staring me down. The elders commented, "You better get out of here elder!"
Elder Parker and I (Elder King and Harris sneaking in)

On Mother's day our ward was combined with another YSA ward.  They cancelled Sunday School and made our Sacrament Meeting 2 hours because we had a total of 6 speakers instead of the normal three.  It was such a long meeting!  But it was really good!  I got to Skype my parents which was so great!  I loved hearing from them.  It overall was a great day.  I'm glad we had such a great week and I'm excited for what else is to come.  I hope you all have a great week.  I love hearing from you.  Thanks for your love and support.

5 Things That Made Me Smile:

1. Skype with my family

2. The pigeon attack

3. 2 investigators with a baptismal date

4. We grilled salmon wrapped in bacon with a maple syrup drizzle on top.  SO DELICIOUS!

5. Our Zone Training this week was airplane themed, we got complimentary peanuts, a movie (skit), and even a parachute jump!

God is Great!

Elder Gillingwater

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